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Mar 21

Kidnapped on our Honeymoon


Kidnapped on our Honeymoon We were headed back to the cruise ship, after a long day of walking around the island of St. Thomas. We had just finished touring and shopping when we found ourselves standing in a parking lot being approached by a stranger. Just like the way car salesmen comes running towards you …

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Mar 14

Scuba Dive Disaster


Scuba Dive Disaster It was my idea to sign us up for a bunch of excursions during our honeymoon. The cruise line offered so many and I had us signed up for two per island. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. My wife just wanted to lay out in the sun and …

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Mar 07

The Honeymoon Is Not Over


The Honeymoon Is Not Over TheĀ first compromise within our marriage was deciding where to take our honeymoon. My wife, Lindsay wanted to go somewhere hot. A place where she could lay on a beach and enjoy the sun. My idea was to go somewhere in which we could see as many sights as possible. Put …

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Jan 04

The Vacation That Tried To Kill Me


The vacation that tried to kill me For my twenty-eighth birthday I decided to take a trip to Ireland. Because I was already living in Europe at the time, I thought it would be fun, to visit the country that my mother’s side of the family came from. With a backpack, a Fromer’s vacation guide …

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