Tag: Life Lessons

Feb 12

Fifth Pocket and Scarred for Life


Fifth Pocket and Scarred for Life On most pairs of jeans there are five pockets. Two located on the back, two in the front and then that little one that you usually find nestled inside the right front pocket. I never really understood what that little pocket was for but when I saw what she did, …

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Jan 29

An Arresting Adventure


An Arresting Adventure My wife and I dated for a very short period of time before we tied the knot. During this courting period, we tried to spend as much time together as possible. It was an adventure for sure. Yes, it was that kind of love that makes everyone sick. You know, because we still …

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Jan 22

Crappy Day in the Library


Crappy Day in the Library Grade school had its challenges for most people, but for me, it was especially difficult. My level of awkwardness out-shown all of the other students. It seemed as if there were only two or three kids at a time that were willing to associate themselves with me or call me …

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