Tag: Humorous Life

May 02

Bike vs Boy


Bike vs Boy Walking to and from school was always an adventure. My family lived in a military housing neighborhood that was quite a distance from the school. In order to get to there, we had to walk through our area as well as another entire neighborhood. If I were to go back to that …

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Apr 04

Surviving the First Year of Marriage


Surviving the First Year of Marriage They say that the first year of marriage is the hardest. If you can make it through, it’s all downhill from there. This statement might be true, because we definitely had some issues during our first year. It probably didn’t help that we only knew each other for about …

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Mar 21

Kidnapped on our Honeymoon


Kidnapped on our Honeymoon We were headed back to the cruise ship, after a long day of walking around the island of St. Thomas. We had just finished touring and shopping when we found ourselves standing in a parking lot being approached by a stranger. Just like the way car salesmen comes running towards you …

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Mar 14

Scuba Dive Disaster


Scuba Dive Disaster It was my idea to sign us up for a bunch of excursions during our honeymoon. The cruise line offered so many and I had us signed up for two per island. One in the morning and one in the afternoon. My wife just wanted to lay out in the sun and …

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Mar 07

The Honeymoon Is Not Over


The Honeymoon Is Not Over The first compromise within our marriage was deciding where to take our honeymoon. My wife, Lindsay wanted to go somewhere hot. A place where she could lay on a beach and enjoy the sun. My idea was to go somewhere in which we could see as many sights as possible. Put …

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Feb 29

Fear of Spiders

Fear of Spiders

Fear of Spiders I am afraid of spiders. There are many reasons why, but the scientific reason is that they freak me out. It didn’t help much, that I lived in the south for a large portion of my life. Places in which the black widow and brown recluse both reside. Or that every time …

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Jan 11

How I Almost Ruined My Wedding


How I Almost Ruined My Wedding. My wife Lindsay and I met in hair school. She was enrolled in the September 1997 class and I started working as an Instructor in November. There was a mutual attraction and we started dating. We didn’t know each other very long before I popped the question. Somehow we …

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Nov 23

My Explosive Daughter


My Explosive Daughter After being parents for a year and a half, we were now experts. Just in time for daughter number two. We had this all figured out, so we were not worried at all. Since I now knew that babies came out face down, there would be no confusion this time. Somehow, Milina ended up …

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Nov 09

Mac and Cheese is a Scam

Mac and Cheese

Mac and cheese is a scam.  Maybe you have the same child in your family. You know the one that only eats mac and cheese. It doesn’t matter what restaurant you plan on eating at, if they don’t have mac and cheese, she will eat croutons. It seems like every restaurant has their own version but at this …

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Oct 26

My Baby Was Born Without A Face


My Baby Was Born Without A Face It finally happened, we were going to have our first child. A daughter, who would change our lives forever. It was an exciting time for my wife and me. One of Lindsay’s life goals was to be a mother and this dream was becoming a reality. Impatient is not a …

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