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Jul 13

Last Time Inside The Walls

Last Time Inside The Walls Before I could leave the Fort Leavenworth, I had to attend an out-processing briefing. A trip back inside the walled fortress was necessary for this to happen. Since it was a prerequisite for my upcoming release, I left the LPU and headed back to the Disciplinary Barracks. There was a protocol for walking to …

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Jun 29

Grace and Forgiveness

Grace and Forgiveness The first time I listened to the People to People broadcast, I was blown away. The host, Bob George, would take questions from the audience that usually were about some scheduled theme. The topic was on grace and forgiveness. Having attended church growing up, I’d heard these words tossed around but really …

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Jun 15

Strange Radio Program

Strange Radio Program Every evening, I would sit at my desk and catch up on reading and responding to letters. Once finished, I would plug my headphones into the radio that my parents bought me and listen to music. It was my escape to the world outside while I was still inside. Most of the time I would …

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Jun 01

My Last Attempt at Parole

My Last Attempt at Parole My situation had completely changed since my previous attempt at parole. My parent’s recent move to Omaha would allow me to move in with them, so I changed my destination from Connecticut to Omaha. My grandfather’s offer to live with him was gracious, and I was extremely thankful. It just made more …

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Apr 20

Worst Prison Job and Best News Yet

Worst Prison Job and Best News Yet During certain holidays, the powers that be would decide what meals we would serve everyone. We never cooked typical prison food. For Thanksgiving there would be turkey and stuffing. For Christmas, usually ham was the main choice. In January, for Martin Luther King Day someone thought it would …

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Apr 13

Changes Were Coming

Changes Were Coming It had been about a month and a half since I left the DB for the LPU. After the pen pal incident and completing the two weeks of extra duty, I managed to stay out of trouble. The Disciplinary Board scared me enough to keep my nose clean, as if being in prison …

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Apr 06

Relationship Trouble

Relationship Trouble One of the cooks on my shift was a very large guy who was looking for a workout partner. My routine had been pretty intermittent up to this point. It seemed as if what he was doing was working for him, so I told him that I would work out with him. Since …

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Mar 30


Peace Everything was different at the Local Parole Unit (LPU). The only thing that resembled being in prison were the head counts. We still needed to be accounted for twice a day.   The guards would come through the barracks once in the morning and once in the evening to verify that we were all …

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Mar 23

Making it in Prison

 Making it in Prison Leaving the walls of the United States Disciplinary Barracks was such a relief. The minute I stepped through the West Gate exit door, it felt like a huge weight was lifted from my shoulders. There were so many sights and sounds, that it was almost overwhelming. Across from the prison was a large …

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Mar 16

New Custody Meant New Freedom

New Custody Meant New Freedom There wasn’t anything special about my custody hearing. It went about the same as all the other hearings I’d had up to this point. They asked me questions and I answered them with the intent of saying what I thought they wanted me to say. In my mind, I believed …

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