Humorous Life Lessons

Napoleon Dyanamite

Napoleon DynaMike

Humorous Life LessonsĀ (Click To Tweet)

Here you will find a compilation of the lighter side of my life. I have learned to laugh at myself and so I invite you to laugh with or at me!

Maybe you may can learn a humorous life lesson.


Never Trust A Man With Two First Names

Nailed It!

Things Kids Are NOT Allowed To Say

Napoleon Dyna”Mike”

Does Electric Shock Cure Bed Wetting?

Trailer Life

Rambo Knife Plus Teen Boy Equals ER

Walk To School And Back Adventures

I Decided To Grow My Hair Out

Dangerous Parenting Techniques

Roller Skating Fiasco

How I Straightened My Own Teeth

One Technique To Get Their Attention

Swimming Lessons

The Hole

Family Road Trips

Roller Coaster Baby

My Baby Was Born Without A Face

Mac and Cheese is a Scam

My Explosive Daughter

The Vacation That Almost Killed Me

How I Almost Ruined My Wedding

The Honeymoon Is Not Over

Scuba Dive Disaster

Kidnapped on our Honeymoon

Fear of Spiders

Surviving the First Year of Marriage

Bike vs Boy

Crappy Day in the Library

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