Category: Humorous Life

Dec 10

Rambo Knife Plus Teen Boy Equals ER


Rambo Knife Plus Teen Boy Equals ER When I turned 13, I proposed a purchase to my mom and dad. I know that it was probably something that they had been waiting their whole lives to hear. I exclaimed with great enthusiasm “I want a Rambo knife!” Now I know what you’re thinking, “He’s going …

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Nov 26

Trailer Life

Trailer Life At the age of 3.5, my dad was reassigned with the Air Force.  We moved from the country of England to a Red Neck area, of back woods Sumter, South Carolina. My parents did not have a lot of money and so they bought a trailer. You know, a house that could be pimped out …

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Oct 08

Does Electric Shock Cure Bed Wetting?

Does Electric Shock Cure Bed Wetting? In my dream is a running stream that slips over and around smooth stones. As it travels along it grows to river size  and picks up speed and crashes in to larger sharper rocks. Large white caps appear as the water churns turbulently. At this point, it’s course can …

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Sep 24

Napoleon Dyna”Mike”

When I first watched the movie Napoleon Dynamite, I laughed so hard. It was such a good movie and clean as well. Nothing in there that you could not show your kids. But, as I watched a second time I realized that I related to the movie a little too closely. All of a sudden …

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Sep 10

Things Kids Are NOT Allowed To Say.

Growing up we lived in a fairly strict household with many rules and procedures. There were things that we were allowed to do and things that we could not. We were absolutely not allowed to say the word…. FART! You probably thought I was going to say something else but no, the word we could …

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Sep 04

Nailed It!

Nailed It! The last time we went to Disney World was in 2007. My two daughters and my nephew, Sam, are much younger in this picture than they are now. However, the face painting experience you see here, really raised the bar of on their level of expectation. Real Italian flags. Taken by David J …

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Aug 29

Never Trust a Man with Two First Names.

Never Trust a Man with Two First Names “Never trust a man with two first names.”  This is usually what I hear when I introduce myself.  What does this mean?  I’m still trying to figure it out. My last name is Mike, first name David.  This has been a source of confusion my whole life. …

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