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Feb 05

Dangerous Parenting Techniques


Dangerous Parenting Techniques As a parent, you may have some parenting techniques that you love to share with others.  This post is the opposite of that. This is what not to do, based on learned experience and having some mishaps along the way.   Disclaimer:   All of these stunts were performed by a parent …

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Dec 10

Rambo Knife Plus Teen Boy Equals ER


Rambo Knife Plus Teen Boy Equals ER When I turned 13, I proposed a purchase to my mom and dad. I know that it was probably something that they had been waiting their whole lives to hear. I exclaimed with great enthusiasm “I want a Rambo knife!” Now I know what you’re thinking, “He’s going …

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Nov 19

Daughter and Father


We have three daughters: 13, 11 & 3.  Everyone says “Just wait!” in regards to the Estrogen Armageddon that we are supposed to experience during their adolescence.  “Oh, you have all girls?” they say, “Boys are easier…”  Great, thanks!  So far with our girls we have had relatively no problems.  Our daughters are awesome!  We …

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