Category: Faith

Oct 17

God Showed Me Something Incredible


God Showed Me Something Incredible Something happened recently that totally blew me away. There are circumstances and events in life that seem random. But sometimes, what seems random is actually God at work. For example, I feel like God keeps showing up to let me know, He’s doing things in my life. Here is the backstory I’m in …

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Dec 15



Laundry One of the jobs that I am glad I did not get was laundry detail. It was a thankless job and it was extremely hot. We could send our clothes to the laundry once a week. All of our soiled clothes went into a green Army laundry bag that was tied to the end …

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Jul 22

Prosecution Closing Arguments


  Prosecution Closing Arguments Two statements. The last arguments by the prosecution and the defense lawyers. One trying to punish me the other trying to keep me from being slammed with what I rightly deserved. Both trying to convince the Judge to see things their way. Two speeches, one decision. After I talked it was …

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May 26

Memorial Day

Memorial Day

Today is Memorial Day.  A day for remembering the men and women who died while serving in our country’s armed forces. This day is especially hard for me. As we recognize all those men and women who paid the ultimate sacrifice while in uniform. I walk around every day with all the freedom they provided …

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Jan 01

I Needed A Place To Stay


Now that I had my car back, I needed a place to stay.  Sid and Dee decided to let me crash at their place for awhile.  At some point, the urge to call my parents came over me.  I did not want my dad to get into trouble for knowing where I was.  Since he …

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Dec 17

We Were Free!


We were free!  Escaping all judgment and punishment, we were on our way to a new life with no rules or restrictions.  I was excited to do whatever I wanted, whenever I wanted to.  As soon as we got there, I took out the maximum daily limit out of an ATM, which was about two …

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Dec 03

Busted Again!

Railroad Tracks

I told Jane about getting busted and that I wasn’t snitching for the cops.  She knew I was cool and could trust me and so we took another trip to Houston. We combined our finances to bring back a big haul of “X”.  We were going to make a killing and have plenty for ourselves …

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Nov 19

Daughter and Father


We have three daughters: 13, 11 & 3.  Everyone says “Just wait!” in regards to the Estrogen Armageddon that we are supposed to experience during their adolescence.  “Oh, you have all girls?” they say, “Boys are easier…”  Great, thanks!  So far with our girls we have had relatively no problems.  Our daughters are awesome!  We …

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