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Feb 29

Fear of Spiders

Fear of Spiders

Fear of Spiders I am afraid of spiders. There are many reasons why, but the scientific reason is that they freak me out. It didn’t help much, that I lived in the south for a large portion of my life. Places in which the black widow and brown recluse both reside. Or that every time …

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Jan 11

How I Almost Ruined My Wedding


How I Almost Ruined My Wedding. My wife Lindsay and I met in hair school. She was enrolled in the September 1997 class and I started working as an Instructor in November. There was a mutual attraction and we started dating. We didn’t know each other very long before I popped the question. Somehow we …

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Jan 04

The Vacation That Tried To Kill Me


The vacation that tried to kill me For my twenty-eighth birthday I decided to take a trip to Ireland. Because I was already living in Europe at the time, I thought it would be fun, to visit the country that my mother’s side of the family came from. With a backpack, a Fromer’s vacation guide …

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Nov 23

My Explosive Daughter

My Explosive Daughter After being parents for a year and a half, we were now experts. Just in time for daughter number two. We had this all figured out, so we were not worried at all. Since I now knew that babies came out face down, there would be no confusion this time. Somehow, Milina ended up …

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Nov 09

Mac and Cheese is a Scam

Mac and cheese is a scam.  Maybe you have the same child in your family. You know the one that only eats mac and cheese. It doesn’t matter what restaurant you plan on eating at, if they don’t have mac and cheese, she will eat croutons. It seems like every restaurant has their own version but at this …

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Oct 26

My Baby Was Born Without A Face

My Baby Was Born Without A Face It finally happened, we were going to have our first child. A daughter, who would change our lives forever. It was an exciting time for my wife and me. One of Lindsay’s life goals was to be a mother and this dream was becoming a reality. Impatient is not a …

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Oct 19

Roller Coaster Baby

Roller Coaster Baby When my wife and I got married, she was excited to fulfill her lifelong dream of becoming a mother. She was hoping to have a honeymoon baby. It didn’t work out that way and so we kept trying. A short time after we got back from our wonderful Caribbean cruise we settled into …

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Oct 12

Family Road Trips

Family Road Trips My father was stationed at Shaw Air Force Base in Sumter, South Carolina. We lived there from 1973 to 1981. During this time we lived in a trailer for a few years which was quite an adventure to say the least. (Read about trailer life here.) It was nice to eventually upgrade …

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Sep 28

The Hole

The Hole Behind one of the houses we lived in was a dark and formidable forest. The trees were enormous and it seemed as if the limbs and branches intertwined, creating a canopy that blocked out every drop of sunlight. The darkness ran deep and long, probably forever. There was no telling how many children …

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Sep 14

Swimming Lessons

Swimming Lessons Swimming has always been a major challenge for me. If there ever was an aquatic emergency, you wouldn’t want me jumping in to help. That would require the next rescuer to have to save two people. For several summers in a row, my parents dropped me and my siblings off at the pool for lessons. …

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