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Feb 12

Fifth Pocket and Scarred for Life


Fifth Pocket and Scarred for Life On most pairs of jeans there are five pockets. Two located on the back, two in the front and then that little one that you usually find nestled inside the right front pocket. I never really understood what that little pocket was for but when I saw what she did, …

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Feb 05

My Fear of the Dark


My Fear of the Dark I’m not sure how it starts, this fear of the dark. We all have some form of it, causing our minds to play tricks on us. What lurks in the shadows of the basement? What will I find if I open the closet? Did anyone else hear that noise? Why …

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Jan 29

An Arresting Adventure


An Arresting Adventure My wife and I dated for a very short period of time before we tied the knot. During this courting period, we tried to spend as much time together as possible. It was an adventure for sure. Yes, it was that kind of love that makes everyone sick. You know, because we still …

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Jan 22

Crappy Day in the Library


Crappy Day in the Library Grade school had its challenges for most people, but for me, it was especially difficult. My level of awkwardness out-shown all of the other students. It seemed as if there were only two or three kids at a time that were willing to associate themselves with me or call me …

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Jan 09

Something Told Me Not to Take a Lunch


Something Told Me Not to Take a Lunch I bring my lunch to work at the hair school almost every day because Dave Ramsey. Also, I never have cash. None of my co-workers like to eat too early so I usually schedule myself in the 11:30 slot. On the one day I get an hour, …

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Oct 17

God Showed Me Something Incredible


God Showed Me Something Incredible Something happened recently that totally blew me away. There are circumstances and events in life that seem random. But sometimes, what seems random is actually God at work. For example, I feel like God keeps showing up to let me know, He’s doing things in my life. Here is the backstory I’m in …

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Sep 18

Dishonor Book One Year Later, Where Are We Now?


Dishonor Book, One Year Later It’s been a year since the launch of my book, Dishonor and I can’t believe how fast time has flown by. The year started out crazy and is finally slowing down. So, what’s happened since Dishonor came out? First, I would like to say that I feel blessed by everyone I’ve come in …

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Aug 30

My Book Dishonor is Available Now


Dishonor Book is Available Now! It’s finally here! Dishonor: One Soldier’s Journey from Desertion to Redemption is now available to purchase on Amazon! I wrote this book to reach as many people as possible with the message of grace and forgiveness. Using my own personal story of how God used my time in an Army prison …

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Aug 22

Book Launch in One Week


Book Launch in One Week Hello again! I have been extremely busy with preparing for the release of Dishonor: One Soldier’s Journey from Desertion to Redemption.  I can’t believe that we are just one week away from book launch! It is my honor to personally thank everyone, for all the support that I have received along this …

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Jul 11

New Book Launch Date Aug 30


Attention! The new book launch date is August 30th. Hello everyone! It’s been awhile since I’ve posted on the blog. I’ve been pretty busy trying to get the book finished. It’s been a challenging process. There is so much that goes into publishing a book. This is my first time and so I’m still learing how it all works. The …

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