About David Mike

Hello, my name is David Mike.

Here are some short blurbs about me.

My dad was drafted during the Vietnam War and decided to join the Air Force.  He married my mother and nine months plus one day later I was born.

I have two younger brothers and sister.  We never had very much money growing up and so we made due with our creativity.

Because my father was in the Air Force, I have had the opportunity to live and travel to some interesting places. Including a couple tours in Europe.

I joined the Army right after high school and after a short period of time got into so much trouble that I ended up getting Court-Martialed and sent to United States Disciplinary Barracks, Ft. Leavenworth, KS for three years.

I am married to the most amazing woman.  Without her I would be completely lost. (Just ask her.)

I have three wonderful daughters, who bring joy and amazement daily.  The thought of boys makes me want to buy a gun!

I am a Cosmetology Instructor in Omaha, NE and I work at a school that has been open for ninety years. I obviously have not worked there that long!

You could say I live a pretty average life but, every time I tell stories people say “You should write a book!” So I went with the advice to blog my experiences.  Some of which have happened, as well as those that have yet to happen.

I hope you enjoy…

David Mike

David Mike

  • Brian Breaux

    Hey David. I don’t know if you’ll remember me. I was one of the D&D nerds you hung out with in England AFB. Back in 1990 I heard vaguely that you had gotten into some trouble. I didn’t give it much more thought until last night when for some reason I wondered whatever became of you. Thanks to the “miracle” of Goggle, I stumbled on to your blog. Amazing story and you tell it so well I couldn’t put it down! I’m glad you got through that and seem to have a happy life. Looking forward to the next installment!

    Brian Breaux

    • David Mike

      Hello Brian!
      Of course I remember you. You were an awesome Dungeon Master! I remember that your mom is from New Zeland and had a cool accent. Your dad was AF OSI and I never knew what rank he was. Also your family took me to your home town of Crowley, for a rice festival. Someone stole my yellow baseball cap with a Marine Corps emblem on it. I chased him down and grabbed it back. Do you remember that? I am so glad you contacted me. I looked you up on FB, but every Brian Breaux I found was from Louisiana! Look me up so we can catch up. You already know what I’ve been up to. BTW, thanks for reading my story. I appreciate it!

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