Flipping My Lid

LidFlipping my Lid

Describing me as a high strung individual, is a fairly accurate description.

I tend to move about pretty quickly. Most of the time, I run around in what you might call, a state of panic.

Unless I sit down, then I instantly pass out.

During the day, I often feel as if the entire world is crashing down around me. If I can complete just one of the many tasks I need to do, the entire universe settles in a sense of order and accomplishment.


When my alarm clock goes of in the morning, I eject from the bed so violently that it freaks my wife out every time. It’s as if there is an intruder or the house is burning down. I somehow go from the prone position to standing in front of the alarm clock without even knowing what happened. The worst is when my arms are asleep and I try to turn off the alarm with dead hands.

Zero to Ninety

The problem with being wound this tight is, that I can go from zero to ninety mph in a nano-second. This means, there are many little irritants that can quickly set me off.

Here is a short list;

  • Music being played too loud. — Turn it down, turn it down…
  • The crinkling of plastic wrap during a movie. — The absolute worst.
  • Repetitive noises. — Like the kick, kick, kick on the back of your seat when driving.
  • The sound of a child crying. — Pretty sure all men deal with this one.
  • Traffic. — Cars should never be stopped on the road, but in a constant state of motion.
  • A busy signal when calling someone. — Really… in this day and age of technology?


The quickest way to get my blood to boil is to send me to search for a lid in the cabinet where the plastic containers are stored.

Before I even head it that direction, I know that the lid I need will either be buried in the back or it is no longer in existence. The closer I get to the cabinet, the more steam starts to build up inside of me, just like a tea kettle.

To maintain a positive attitude, I remind myself, there is a .000000000001% chance that the lid I need will be right there in the front.

Even though I know what I’m getting into, I still open the door and peer in. As I stare into the abyss of various shaped plastic containers, I can hear them mocking me saying, “Go ahead, just try to find my matching lid.”

Remain Calm

Trying to remain calm, I reach in behind the smaller containers into the biggest container that holds the lids. Since I am unable to see behind the containers, I use my sense of touch. Fumbling around the lids, I keep looking for the one…

Of course, every lid I can feel is too big, small or the wrong shape all together.

As I quickly pull my hand out in frustration, I usually knock over all the stacked containers spilling them out onto the floor.


At this point, I reach DEFCON 1 and just pull all of the rest of the containers out everywhere. If you happen to be standing behind me, I resemble a dog trying to dig it’s way to China.

Once the cabinet is essentially empty, the one lid in question usually magically appears.

I usually say, “There you are you little whippersnapper.” or something close to that…


I’ve heard of container organizers. Someone sent me a pin of one on Pinterest. I also heard the technique of putting lids on the containers before storing them. I think this takes up more space instead of nesting them together. However, this only works when you have all the lids.

Why are there always 10 of one size container but only one matching lid?

I feel like my only option at this point is scorched earth…

No, I don’t mean burn the kitchen down, I mean throw all the containers away and start over.

What is the trigger that flips your lid?

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