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God Showed Me Something Incredible


God Showed Me Something Incredible

Something happened recently that totally blew me away. There are circumstances and events in life that seem random.

But sometimes, what seems random is actually God at work. For example, I feel like God keeps showing up to let me know, He’s doing things in my life.

Here is the backstory

I’m in a lot of Facebook groups. Various groups that attract writers, dreamers and entrepreneurs. Many of these communities have had a direct impact on the success of my book Dishonor.

Somehow, I was put into a drawing in which the prize was an awesome course called Tribe Writer’s. When I found out my name was selected as the recipient, I was so excited. It’s a course designed to help writers find their voice, establish a platform, expand their reach and get published. They added me to the accompanying Facebook group. It’s hard to explain what goes on in there if you’ve never experienced it, but it’s awesome. The members of the group will help to restore faith in humanity. I’m so grateful to Jeff Goins for creating the course and providing the opportunity for me to participate.

Even though I had been in the group for a couple years, this May I noticed group members were introducing themselves. Both new and more seasoned members were and sharing where they lived. A woman named Teresa mentioned that she lived in Ogallala, Nebraska. Being a Nebraska resident as well, I reached out to her.

After hearing about my testimony, she told me her son was in jail, waiting to be transferred to the Nebraska State Prison in Lincoln. He seemed like someone who would benefit from reading my book. I messaged her and asked if she would like me to send a copy of Dishonor to him. Because some generous individuals donated money to help me ship books to inmates, I told her all I needed was an address. She told me she would get it to me as soon as she had it.


Three months later…

Teresa let me know she’d heard from her son and provided me with his prisoner identification number, but no address. Still not having the address, I was not able to send a book to him right away. Another month passed and Teresa’s son was paroled and moved into a halfway house. She gave me her home address and I immediately shipped a book to her. After reading it herself, she planned on taking the copy directly to him.

Just recently, I received a message from Teresa: “Did you speak in North Platte around a year ago? My son thinks he saw you there with his halfway house group.”

Wait, what? 


My mind retraced the events…

My wife’s uncle Bobwho is a lawyer in North Platte, set up three speeches for me at the beginning of the year. The first talk was at his Kiwanis group. One of the gentlemen there was moved by my story. Bob told me after the speech that this man is involved with a halfway house in the same town.

He thought the guys there would benefit from hearing me talk, so he brought them to the local college that evening for my third appearance. After sharing my story, he purchased a copy of the book for the halfway house and wrote a check for one hundred dollars to ship books to other inmates.


Blown away…

Even though what happened next seems like a random coincidence, I believe it was God at work.

Teresa’s son was there that night and heard me share my testimony. I’m almost positive that he was in the front row.

I discussed the trouble I got into and how the guilt and shame of my actions was too much to bear. The end of my speech was about God’s redeeming work in my life and that in His eyes, my past was erased by the blood of Jesus.

It was this message, Teresa desired her son to know and that’s why she wanted him to read the book.

The crazy thing is when she told him about it, he said that he is currently reading the copy provided to him by the halfway house. This was provided the man who purchased a copy after my last speech.


God at Work

God is not restricted by time as we know it. He knew that Teresa would hear my story and would want her son to experience the same freedom that I discovered.

Even though we didn’t know all of this, God was working out His story in mine and theirs.

I just think it is so cool how God orchestrated this event in the way He did. Sometimes it’s difficult to see God’s plan in action. We wonder if what we are doing is effective or making a difference.

But that’s the beauty of God and faith, we don’t have to worry about it. God doesn’t need our help. He can use any situation to draw people to Himself. We only need to be who God created us to be. We only need to be faithful to God with the gifts and the time He’s given us.

And sometimes, He blesses us with a glimpse of His work in action, which helps to remind us that He’s got this!

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If you have an incarcerated friend or family member and want me to send a copy of Dishonor to them, contact me through social media.

or email me at dilemmamike@gmail.com

If you are local and would like me to speak to your group, please contact me through any of the above links.

Bloggers and pod-casters, it would be an honor to share my story with your tribe.
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  • Sohma Rae Hathaway

    This gave me chills (good ones) hearing about God’s hand in these people’s lives. I love it! And it puts a huge grin on my face because, I too won the TW course, David. I’m not sure he even does that now. I would not have written my book had I not won the course. It was a sign to me that God did indeed want me to share my message. It seems God is using Jeff Goin’s talents in many ways. 🙂

    • David Mike

      That’s so cool that you also won Tribe Writers. Jeff is the most generous man I’ve never met. I hope too someday. I’m glad God lets us have a glimpse of His work in action. Thanks for commenting.

  • Loved your incredible story about our incredible God. I have had the honor of being part of stories like that and it always blows me away how God gently works in the dark and when he is ready he reveals it. He loves it when we get to the point we simply say, “Whatever you want God, here it is. What you enabled me to do, what you put inside of me to come out. It’s all because of you.” We sometimes get in the way of seeing what he’s doing. Maybe sometimes because we have other ideas of what he should be doing. Yes, I’ve been that arrogant. I remember when I’ve read about his thoughts and his ways being different than our thoughts and ways. I remember how I just wanted to say, “What? We don’t think alike?” And I think at times like that he gently shakes his Godly head and quietly chuckles. For he knows who we are. And he is probably lovingly amused that we think we’re something else altogether.

    I love hearing those God stories. And how he was working all the time, we just couldn’t see it yet. Oh how he loves you and me.

    Oh and I think I ended up getting to go through the course because I had some of it paid while being on a launch team or something. One more who would never been able to do it without God’s hand in it. God’s hand and a responsive person like Jeff.

    • David Mike

      Believe me, I still struggle with thinking I’m the one who is running the show. It is a struggle to
      “Let go and let God.” Thanks for sharing your thoughts and encouragement Anne. Glad to be a fellow Tribe Writer with you!

  • Danielle Bernock

    That’s so awesome. Sounds like “The Pursuer” to me 🙂 He loves us so much!

    Tribe Writers has changed my life as well. I was just talking with my counselor about it yesterday and she agreed. I’m so thankful I pushed past my nervousness to join and that Jeff has a payment plan. I believe in it so much that I’m an affiliate for it now.

    • David Mike

      Amen, relentless pursuit! So glad you joined Tribe as well. I actually gave Jeff a shout out in the acknowledgement section of Dishonor. I’m in the affiliate group as well, but not active.

  • Teresa Marie

    Thanks for sharing our miraculous story. I still have a hard time believing it myself. Its one of the biggest ways i have seen God work between THREE people in the orchestration of their life. He is never too small to bring about his plan. Thank you again for your generosity.

    • David Mike

      Of course! Glad to be a part of His story in our lives. It’s still just so surreal. I hope your son is doing well.

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