Aug 22

Book Launch in One Week



Book Launch in One Week

Hello again!

I have been extremely busy with preparing for the release of Dishonor: One Soldier’s Journey from Desertion to Redemption. 

I can’t believe that we are just one week away from book launch!

It is my honor to personally thank everyone, for all the support that I have received along this journey. It’s amazing to see everyone rally around the launch of the book. It is surreal that the day is almost here.

The Goal: It would be awesome to sell 500 books on the official release date – August 30th. If we hit Amazon bestseller status, the potential to expand the reach of this message is much greater.

Having a physical book available will help to get it into prisons, where digital formats aren’t available. In prison, I discovered the true meaning of God’s grace and forgiveness. I’m hopeful that my book ends up in the hands of someone dealing with the same feelings of guilt and shame that I experienced. Learning that God loves you, no matter what, is the best feeling I can think of.

As we get closer to August 30th, I want to thank you in advance for:

    • sharing our posts along the journey

    • inviting your friends to this Facebook group > (OFFICIAL GROUP) < There are currently 750 members in the group!

    • reading the early reader copy, located in the above group, to write a review on Amazon.

    • supporting the Thunderclap campaign

  • attending the Facebook launch party  (CLICK HERE TO JOIN THE PARTY) There will be some awesome giveaways, to include some signed copies of Dishonor

  • buying the book ON LAUNCH DAY, August 30

For those of you who may not have it within your budget to purchase the book, please consider telling your friends about Dishonor on launch day. I am honored and eternally grateful for your encouragement and continued support as we launch this book.

If you are a blogger or podcaster, I would love to talk to you about my story.


Join the group!

Click here > (OFFICIAL GROUP) < to join the official launch group for the book! Thank you!

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