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How I Almost Ruined My Wedding


My Beautiful Bride

How I Almost Ruined My Wedding.

My wife Lindsay and I met in hair school. She was enrolled in the September 1997 class and I started working as an Instructor in November. There was a mutual attraction and we started dating. We didn’t know each other very long before I popped the question. Somehow we just knew we were right for each other though.

She said yes without hesitation and we set a wedding date for about six months later. When we started all the planning and visiting the various places to set up the wedding, a couple of the vendors made us seem like we were crazy to put a wedding together in such a short period of time. However, we were so enamored with each other, we just needed to be married right away.

Not wanting to feel left out, I went to almost every appointment; the florist, the photographer and the bridal shops. You may also find this hard to believe, but the wedding dress I liked the best was the one she selected. She was so beautiful and I couldn’t wait to see her wearing such an amazing dress at the altar.

Naturally since we were both hairdressers, one of our gifts for the bridesmaids was to do their hair at the salon that Lindsay’s mother owned. Of course, I would be doing Lindsay’s hair that morning as well.

That morning, I left my apartment that was soon to be ours. Needing to get gas before heading to the salon, I drove to the nearest filling station. I got out of the car, shut the door and as I reached for my wallet to pull out my card, I realized that the tuxedo pants did not have back pockets.

No back pockets meant no wallet. Sure enough, as I frisked myself in hopes of maybe finding the wallet, it was not there. This was not a problem; I would just go back to the apartment to get it.

As I walked back to the driver’s door, a sinking feeling in my stomach took over as I spied my keys in the ignition. What were the chances that the door would be locked? In that moment my worst fear came true as I grabbed the door handle, and nothing happened.

I had locked my keys in the car.

There was an extra key that I could use, if only it wasn’t in my wallet, back at the apartment.

Thank goodness, I had my cell phone.

How was I going to tell my future bride, that she needed to leave the salon, go to the apartment, get my wallet and bring it to me? So that I could unlock the car, get gas and make it to the salon to help with the hair already in progress.

Although this incident was a major inconvenience, I knew by Lindsay’s response in the moment, that she still loved me. Her only reply was, “We do not have time for this.” I am so glad that she showed restraint and didn’t say what she might have been actually thinking.

When I arrived at the salon, I was thoroughly embarrassed but there was hair to do and not much time left to do it. All the hair started at eight o’clock and we had to be at the church by noon. All of pictures were being taken before the ceremony at five. I was sure that everything was going to be fine, but then again, I am a guy.

The fact that I got to do Lindsay’s hair for our wedding was such a privilege. She was so beautiful, and I couldn’t stop staring at her in the mirror. They say it is unlucky to see the bride before the wedding, but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Good thing I’m not superstitious.

Everything else went off wonderfully without a hitch. As we left the sanctuary, I forgot that I was wearing a microphone and so everyone could hear me utter a very loud, “Whew!” We didn’t discover this until we watched the wedding video.

It is possible that I was just relieved that the wedding went so well.

Or, it could have been that I was relieved that she actually married me.

Tell me about your wedding mishaps in the comments below.

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  • Alayne Fenasci

    It sounds like in spite of the mishaps, you did have a lovely day. I always enjoy hearing people’s wedding stories. It’s the flaws that make them special, you know. Anyone who had a perfect wedding has no story to tell!

    We had a few stories at ours. First, the JP we’d found looked like a cross between Kurt Vonnegut and Mark Twain. In actuality, his first name was the same as my husband’s last name, which was slightly amusing. We remarked upon it and had a laugh when we met to discuss the details. He appeared to take weddings very seriously and gave us 10 poems to choose from, which he would read at the ceremony. We chose the three shortest ones. He wanted us to choose more, but we emphasized keeping it short.

    We scheduled the ceremony for 10:00am on a weekend morning in March, partly so my parents could drive up from New Orleans and bring my sisters. They also brought our wedding cake – a King Cake special ordered from Randazzo’s. The wedding was during Spring Break. Should be warm, right? Nope. No such luck in Northwest Arkansas. So there I was in a strapless gown and my two sisters in halter style, knee-length dresses in 40 degrees. Instead of the three poems we picked, “Kurt Twain” (or would that be Mark Vonnegut?) read THE OTHER SEVEN, while we all stood there freezing to death. Finally, the ceremony was over and he pronounced us, “Mr and Mrs mfhstgnb….” Yep. The man forgot our last name. His own first name.

    We only had about 15 people there, which was good because we had the wedding in the courtyard of what was to be our apartment, then followed it with brunch and King Cake in our tiny new place. It felt warm and busy and the whole place was full of energy and happy people.

    Good memories. Cheers!

    • David Mike

      What a fiasco. What’s the saying? Nothing so sweet than the sound of someone’s own name. Funny he couldn’t remember. I know what a King Cake is BTW. Thanks for sharing your momemt with me.

  • Cheryl Barron

    I looked into my husband’s eyes. He looked delighted. I got a terrible case of the giggles-while saying my vows!

    • David Mike

      Happy giggles I presume. Just like a movie blooper reel.

  • Dave Kwiecinski

    I met my future wife by way of a newspaper ad. Before online dating, we were pioneers and we didn’t even know it. Kathy had two kids and was more than five years older than me. Needless to say, my mom wasn’t thrilled that her only son, with one failed marriage under his belt, was now dating a divorced older woman. With kids, no less!

    There are tons of stories I could tell, but talk about almost ruining the happy occasion, I was standing with my cousin, my best man, in a room just outside the main church near the altar, minutes before the wedding, when I looked at him, horrified. “I forgot the license!”

    No problem. Just send someone back to the house to snag it.

    If only…

    Kathy had moved out of her house in Chicago. I moved back to my parents’ house as my first marriage dissolved and was still living there. We hadn’t finalized living arrangements post-wedding (that’s another outrageous story). We had tons of boxes in my bedroom.


    I knew where the marriage license was. Sadly, I had a previous commitment. A wedding ceremony. So I enlisted my future brother-in-law to run back to the house and fetch it.

    It took him HOURS to locate it.

    I don’t remember if Tim and Karen were engaged at that time. But he decided to marry her anyway. The ceremony, the photos, and the beginning of the reception were perfect. I don’t think Tim shared those feelings as he rummaged through piles of… uh, boxes.

    Suffice it to say, this incident was a microcosm for a life of adventure, adventures that continue to this day, 30 and a half years later.

    • David Mike

      30 years! Congratulations on a such a long endeavor. Most people don’t last 3 years. Here’s to thinking outside of the box. (See what I did there?)

  • Joe Combs

    Pastor dropped the rings while blessing them – they went rolling down the aisle!

    • David Mike

      Classic! It seems like Murpy’s Law is ever present.

  • Fortunately, love prevailed!

    Our wedding was a second marriage for both. We too had dated only a brief time (3 months) when we decided to marry. Everything didn’t go smoothly along the way, but no major crises nor funny stories until THE day. Why is it everything waits for THE day?

    We were all in place. Small wedding, family only. Our witnesses were in place. Our pastor was on time. So far so good. We made it through the first part of the ceremony OK, but then the pastor looked at my soon-to-be husband and said, “Bob, do you take Sherrey to be your lawfully BEDDED wife?” You can image the laughter which came down in the Lord’s House at that moment. Years later we still laugh at that major slip of the tongue!

    • David Mike

      That is too funny! How embarrasing for the pastor. I wonder what he was thinking? LOL!

      • We’ve had many good laughs wondering that ourselves!

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