September 2015 archive

Sep 28

The Hole


The Hole Behind one of the houses we lived in was a dark and formidable forest. The trees were enormous and it seemed as if the limbs and branches intertwined, creating a canopy that blocked out every drop of sunlight. The darkness ran deep and long, probably forever. There was no telling how many children …

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Sep 14

Swimming Lessons


Swimming Lessons Swimming has always been a major challenge for me. If there ever was an aquatic emergency, you wouldn’t want me jumping in to help. That would require the next rescuer to have to save two people. For several summers in a row, my parents dropped me and my siblings off at the pool for lessons. …

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Sep 07

One Technique To Get Their Attention


The Family Squeak, One Technique To Get Their Attention We have a traditional technique to get everyone’s attention in our house. This method has been passed down by my father, through me and on to my children. As small children, we used to grab my dad’s nose all the time. We couldn’t help ourselves because, …

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