July 2015 archive

Jul 27

Life On Parole


Life On Parole   Many aspects of returning to the civilian world were easy compared to military prison. Not having to worry about making a mistake that would send me to solitary confinement was nice. Even though a mistake could violate my parole, it was still different. The food was much better. Being able to come …

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Jul 20

Going Home For Good

Going Home For Good On August 25, 1992 my last day at Fort Leavenworth, it was hard to stay focused on anything. The anticipation of waiting for my family to take me home, was too intense. They were supposed to come early which meant I wouldn’t have to wait too long.   Luckily, there wasn’t much …

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Jul 13

Last Time Inside The Walls


Last Time Inside The Walls Before I could leave the Fort Leavenworth, I had to attend an out-processing briefing. A trip back inside the walled fortress was necessary for this to happen. Since it was a prerequisite for my upcoming release, I left the LPU and headed back to the Disciplinary Barracks. There was a protocol for walking to …

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Jul 06



Redeemed When the book arrived, I devoured it, reading and re-reading it. There is a saying that when a student is ready, the teacher appears. Man, was I ready. My mind was exploding with things that I had never heard before. With every page Bob George would point me to a scripture that I would …

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