June 2015 archive

Jun 29

Grace and Forgiveness


Grace and Forgiveness The first time I listened to the People to People broadcast, I was blown away. The host, Bob George, would take questions from the audience that usually were about some scheduled theme. The topic was on grace and forgiveness. Having attended church growing up, I’d heard these words tossed around but really …

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Jun 15

Strange Radio Program


Strange Radio Program Every evening, I would sit at my desk and catch up on reading and responding to letters. Once finished, I would plug my headphones into the radio that my parents bought me and listen to music. It was my escape to the world outside while I was still inside. Most of the time I would …

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Jun 08



Decision Waiting was not something I was good at. It always produced a level of anxiety that would drive me to the point of insanity. One would think that I would be an expert at it, since it was the way everything happened in the Army and especially at the USDB. Over the four weeks …

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Jun 01

My Last Attempt at Parole


My Last Attempt at Parole My situation had completely changed since my previous attempt at parole. My parent’s recent move to Omaha would allow me to move in with them, so I changed my destination from Connecticut to Omaha. My grandfather’s offer to live with him was gracious, and I was extremely thankful. It just made more …

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