Monthly Archive: May 2015

May 25

Two Dollars a Day Inmate Job

Two Dollars a Day Inmate Job There were some benefits to working in the mess hall job, but not enough at this point to want to stay. When I was inside the walls there was a level of protection that came with being a cook. Since we were able to provide extra food for inmates …

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May 18


Riot After the murder, things went from bad to worse inside the walls. On May 11, 1992 there was a major commotion inside the Castle that led to a riot. The Disciplinary Barracks Command wanted to prohibit the speaking of Spanish, ban colored head bands, and added more restrictions on smoking. They also wanted inmates to …

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May 11


Murder Once I had the chance to taste freedom, my goal changed from maintaining my sanity to doing whatever it took to get out as soon as possible. There was an option to serve out the rest of my sentence with an earlier release based on earned good time. However, I had a parole board …

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May 04

Back to Prison

Back to Prison The day I had to return to prison, I woke up feeling ready. Going back was not something I wanted to do, but I was ready to complete my sentence. Ready to get it over with, especially because this taste of freedom had reminded me what I was missing. Looking out of the window …

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