September 2014 archive

Sep 30



In-processing (Click to tweet) The next four weeks would be taken up by in-processing and I would be subjected to a battery of tests. Psychological, academic, aptitude and medical. These tests were used to determine my custody level as well as the rehabilitation programs that I needed to take to be released from prison, or to be …

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Sep 23

Army Prison

Control Room

Army Prison (Click to Tweet) I was headed to Army prison and my final destination. Once again I was placed in a vehicle and escorted from to the next. My next stop would be the United States Disciplinary Barracks at Fort Leavenworth, KS.  I would not be going anywhere again for a couple of years. As we pulled …

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Sep 16


IDF inspected outgoing mail.

Transferred (Click to Tweet) I had to spend three more days in the Vernon Parish Jail before I was transferred. I would say that it was the three longest days of my life but that would not be a true statement. There were many more long days to come in the near future. After Captain Tessler’s …

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Sep 09

Military Inmates

Military Inmates

Military Inmates (Tweet This) The closer it got to Tessler’s trial, the more military inmates started showing up in jail. I did not have to testify in all of their court-martials. Just two more and I was done. I decided to reach out and call a friend from high school who had not responded to any …

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Sep 02

Letters, Prayers And The Urge


Letters, Prayers and the Urge (Tweet this) Letters seemed to get me through day by day. They were like a small window to life outside the walls. A form of sanity. I was desperate to hear from family, recent friends, old friends or just anyone who would write. Especially my siblings. I wondered what they …

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