Aug 09


Thank you!

Thank you!


It has been almost a year since I started my blog.

It’s been a long process and I want to say thanks for sticking with me.

The support I have received during this time has been amazing. So many of you encourage me each with each post.

And where I would be without all the technical assistance in regards to setting up and continuing to run the site.

I also am humbled by all the people who jump in without hesitation, with tips and advice, to help me become a better writer.

It’s been quite a learning process and I still have a long way to go.

In the story I have reached the first pivotal moment in which the court-martial determined the length of my confinement.

The amount of time I had to serve was perfect because anything less would probably not have helped me be where I am today.

Anything more might have damaged me with institutionalization.

Moving forward, I will write about;

                * Testifying in other courts-martial.

                * A couple transfers between facilities.

                * The day to day activities of inmate life.

                * The interactions I had with some of the other inmates.

                * Some crazy things that happened.

                * My slow growth of emotional and spiritual maturity.

Also, there are two more main pivotal moments defining my experience in Ft. Leavenworth.

Specific instances when God clearly made me aware of his pursuit and presence in my life.

I will lead you through these and tell you how they changed me.

I know that it’s hard waiting a week between each post, but I want to remain as accurate as possible.

I want to make sure that I’m not just trying to meet my self-imposed Tuesday deadline.

I am so humbled that God is allowing me to share my mess for His glory.

So, THANKS to everyone!

Without you, there would be no blog!

  • I am not sure I have ever said this but I am in awe of your willingness to share your story. My experiences in the military and discharge were under vastly different circumstances and more than 20 years later I am loath to discuss any part of it. There is no question in my mind that God has touched you life and encourage you to continue, past the narrative to where ever your voice takes you.
    I don’t comment on every post but please know that I am engaged.

    • David Mike

      I appreciate your kind words. I am glad to finally have a “voice” to tell my story. Until last year, it has just been an interesting conversation. Thank you for following along. Semper Fi Mick!

  • Samantha Smith

    I look forward to each post and how God has got a plan for you.

    • David Mike

      Thank you Samantha, I appreciate your support!

  • John Woods

    I too have been following your posts with great interest. Being a classmate of Darren’s from Zweibrucken brought your story to my attention. I am glad that God has been able to get through to you after all you have gone through. It is so easy for anyone to make the same mistakes. Like I tell my kids, “but by the grace of God, we could all be there”. I want you to know that I am sharing your story with my kids as an example of how every decisions that we make can be life changing. Your story is also a perfect example of the loving, forgiving God we serve! Keep it up and never give up!

    • David Mike

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. It means a lot to me to know that my mess is being used for His message. I appreciate your support and encouragement. I am also sharing my story with my children.

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