July 2014 archive

Jul 29

Defense Closing Arguments


Defense Closing Arguments I did not envy the position of my defense attorney. After the prosecution’s argument, he had an uphill battle. Trying to make me look redeemable would be a serious challenge. There was nothing he could say in my defense, that would take away the fact that I had dug a pretty deep …

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Jul 22

Prosecution Closing Arguments


  Prosecution Closing Arguments Two statements. The last arguments by the prosecution and the defense lawyers. One trying to punish me the other trying to keep me from being slammed with what I rightly deserved. Both trying to convince the Judge to see things their way. Two speeches, one decision. After I talked it was …

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Jul 15

My Turn To Talk To The Judge

    My Turn To Talk To The Judge It was my turn to talk to the Judge again. My lawyer was trying to use what I had to say, to paint a picture for Colonel Grainger. A picture of a broken, messed up addict. A kid who came from a good home, but fell …

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Jul 08

Special Agent Takes The Stand


Special Agent Takes The Stand Because I decided to cooperate with the Criminal Investigation Division Drug Suppression Team, Special Agent Thundercloud said he would help me out. I wasn’t sure to what degree he meant, but he showed up and was called as a defense witness. He was on my side. His testimony would be …

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Jul 01

My Father Takes The Witness Stand

Master Sergeant

My Father Takes The Witness Stand. The reason I wanted my dad at the trial was because he was really my best chance. A chance at letting the court get to know the man behind the mess I had created for myself. I thought he would be able to let the people deciding my fate, …

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