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Sworn Statements



Sworn Statements

I heard that two of my friends from the medical platoon had been turned in by their Commander, Captain Tessler.

One medic, Specialist Bell was known for how hard he partied.

He had a major drug addiction.

While he was in Panama, he stole some morphine from the Army medical clinic.

Using a syringe to shoot himself up, he turned grey and was found passed out on the clinic floor.

After surviving the overdose and being released from the hospital, Bell was shipped back to Ft. Polk. He was already going to get in trouble for his actions but it spooked his Commander.

Captain Tessler got scared because he partied with Bell several times at Ft. Polk using Ecstasy.

Tessler was paranoid that Bell would speak about his own drug use once CID got to him. So he just decided to turn him in first.

Captain Tessler also turned in another medic Specialist Vann because he had partied with the two of them. I couldn’t believe he would do that to his friends.

CID had already charged Bell for the Panama incident so they just added more to his plate. Vann was arrested and charged as well.

Maybe Tessler thought that because he was an Officer that no one would believe that he had used drugs with his men.

He had purchased the drugs from me through Vann. Unfortunately for Captain Tessler, he had used checks on several occasions to pay for his drugs.

So I contacted Special Agent Thundercloud and told him that Tessler was not clean, and if CID ran my bank account, they would find at least two checks made out to me for the drugs he bought.

I just didn’t think what he did was cool. If his men were going down because of him, then he was going down with them.

I filled out a sworn statement and they arrested Captain Tessler.

He denied everything.

I don’t think he even remembered writing the checks.

This was a pretty big deal for CID because Tessler was an Officer. This kind of thing didn’t happen very often.

It seemed like a domino effect was taking place because another friend got busted.

Specialist Devin, a mechanic from the maintenance platoon, got caught with Ecstasy. Devin was another soldier that used to live in Jane’s trailer.

My name got brought up during questioning and so I had to sign a statement against him.

The next take down was my friend Private First Class Chris Holmes from the chemical company. He was originally from Alexandria. It was his sister’s house that I stayed at the night I overdosed.

He got busted dealing and once again, my name was brought up. So I had to sign a sworn statement against him as well.

I felt bad about signing that one because he had helped me out.

There was no way out of it though. Once two names were tied together that was all it took.

And I was still on call to testify against my friend Private First Class Eddie Gaines, who was arrested the same night as me in Club Late Nite, Alexandria.

I did not mean to testify against any of my friends.

My name kept getting brought up during interrogations and undercover agents stated that they knew about their connections to me.

I did deliberately bust my dealer Red in Houston. I needed something to reduce the crazy amount of time I was facing.

As far as Captain Tessler, he was just wrong for what he did.

So I did not feel guilty about what happened there.

Everyone else just got burned through guilt by association.

With all of these situations, Thundercloud said that he would testify in my defense.

He would say how much help I had been to the Criminal Investigation Division Drug Suppression Team.

He was sure that the Judge would look at the amount of activity as a positive step towards rehabilitation.

I really didn’t know how true that was, but I was about to find out…

  • Christiana

    Wow. I can’t wait for the next part.

    • David Mike

      Thanks for catching up.

  • Tammy Fuller

    Such a tangled web.

    • David Mike

      Yes, it was a very messy situation.

  • Wow! It’s a little scary to see how many military members were both using drugs and getting busted for drugs, either using or selling. And how did Tessler {nice name choice, by the way}, think it was a good idea to buy drugs with a check? Or that he could deny it later?

    Cannot wait to find out if Thundercloud was telling you the truth!

    • David Mike

      The drug use at the Post I was stationed at was pretty rampant. Looking back it was a little scary. There were many great soldiers who were not involved in any misconduct. It could have been just my sphere of influence. I have been using some names from some of the people in the FB groups to cover the identity of the actual people. You noticed one and there was another in this post. The decision to use checks was not a good idea.

      • Holmes stuck out to me!

        • David Mike

          You got it. Thanks Brandon!

  • I’m catching up on reading today. I didn’t realize I was a month behind! Reading about all the drug use makes me think of the book Fearless. He overcame a lot, and from what I’ve read in your posts and seeing your current facebook posts, so have you! It’s amazing how God works in our lives and how he uses people to guide us along.

    • David Mike

      Fearless is my story in reverse. Except for the Navy Seal part. Great book and awesome testimony in such a tragic situation.

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