June 2014 archive

Jun 24


Sergeant First Class

Witness The government calls as a witness Sergeant First Class Trey Smith. SFC Smith was my platoon sergeant for six months prior to my disappearance. The prosecution secured him as a witness to discuss my performance as a soldier. He had been on field exercises with me one time. He also had been on many …

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Jun 17

Court Martial

court martial

Court Martial 19 DEC 89 United States vs. Private E-2 David C. Mike. HHC 5th Battalion, 6th Infantry Ft. Polk, LA Court will come to order. I had gone through some prepping for the court martialĀ from my lawyer Captain Jokinen. I don’t know if I was really fully prepared though, but I here I was. …

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Jun 14


Private E-2

Rank I had been reduced in rank from an E-3 Private First Class to a Private E-2. This was part of the punishment I received in my Article 15, from my second AWOL. The Army felt that it was mandatory for my uniform to be correct. So, I was taken along with my Class A …

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Jun 10

Sworn Statements


Sworn Statements I heard that two of my friends from the medical platoon had been turned in by their Commander, Captain Tessler. One medic, Specialist Bell was known for how hard he partied. He had a major drug addiction. While he was in Panama, he stole some morphine from the Army medical clinic. Using a …

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Jun 03



Arraignment On 5 DEC 89 I was taken to the Ft. Polk court house to have my arraignment hearing. Colonel Grainger was the Judge assigned to my trial. During the arraignment he went over my trial rights. He knew that I had gone AWOL the second time and that it caused my court-martial to be …

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