Apr 29

Turn Myself In

Turn Myself In

Turn Myself In

Turn Myself In

Thundercloud told me that when I got back the next morning he would meet me at Jane’s house. It would be better for me if I were to turn myself in to him.


It was about a four and a half hour trip back to Ft. Polk and so I decided to leave around midnight. I said goodbye to everyone and headed out.

After driving for a little while, I heard a metal clinking sound on the road underneath the car and at the same time realized I had no way to shift gears. It was as if the gear shift was detached from the gears.

I turned off the engine and coasted into a parking lot. As I looked underneath the car I could see a rod dangling that was once held in place by some sort of bolt or pin. Crap! How was I going to get back now?

Why was this happening? I finally decided to turn myself in and my car breaks. I could not go back or continue on. It was like someone or something was trying to stop me from doing the right thing.

I was not a mechanic and I didn’t have enough money to hire one. I thought maybe some wire or something like that could hold it together. No stores were open at this hour though.

Then I remembered that for some reason, I had a firing pin from an M-16 machine gun in my glove box. It’s a small metal rod that hits the part of a bullet making it fire once the trigger is pulled. Somehow I randomly had an extra one. I don’t even remember how it got there.



Firing Pin M-16

Firing Pin M-16

Sliding under the car and placing the two separated pieces of metal together, I pushed the pin into the hole and it was a perfect fit. Once back in the car and after getting it started, I took off.

As soon as the car was shifted into fifth gear, I heard a familiar metal clinking sound on the road. The firing pin fell out! Once again, I could not shift or slow down without stalling the car.

So for the next four hours, I drove without stopping. Going through every stop sign and stop light, never slowing down. I made it through Shreveport which was the only major city I had to worry about. The rest of the trip was all back road driving.

I almost forgot about the gun! I couldn’t turn myself in with that on me. And what if I got pulled over for blowing through stop signs and lights?

So I reached under the seat and pulled out the gun. I removed the bullets and threw them out the window. A little further down the road, I chucked the pistol out the window as hard as I could.

Miraculously, I was never seen by a cop or faced with having to stop for another driver. It was a straight shot back to Leesville. I stopped the car in front of Jane’s house and I never drove it again.

Letting myself in, I changed into my uniform and called to let Thundercloud know that I made it. Jane and a couple of others who were there, waited to say goodbye.

When Thundercloud came to get me, he told me he was glad that I turned myself in, but he had some bad news.

The Ft. Polk Installation Detention Facility had been evacuated to house inmates from a Pennsylvania State Prison. All Ft. Polk Military Inmates had been transferred to the Vernon Parish Sheriff’s Office (VPSO). This is where I would be confined until Court-Martialed.

The good news for me was that some other people were going to be taken down by CID, real soon. Thundercloud said that writing sworn statements and being willing to testify would help me at my trial.

Also he said that he would take me out of VPSO personally to work with him. Any big dealers that I would be willing to turn in would really weigh in my favor. They could be military or civilian.

I knew of one.

  • Sherry Fletcher Aus

    Your story continues to amaze me. Can’t wait to read more!

    • David Mike

      I appreciate the kind words and I am glad you are following along.

  • I said this in the Writers Group, but wanted to say it here, too. I still marvel at the fact that what I’m reading is someone’s actual life story and not just a gripping fiction read. I think that as you develop this into a book, there will be some incredible moments where you can create such tension; you need to find and work with a really good editor. I think if that happens, you will end up with a book/story on par with some of the books & stories you’ve recommended {think Unbroken}. There is so much to mine from this material both for the story but for the journey you took as well. God has some BIG plans for you, my friend, and I am looking forward to where he takes you as you tell your story.

    • David Mike

      You are so encouraging. I appreciate all your efforts at promoting my story. I do plan on using an editor when I am further along. To be compared to the book “Unbroken” is a HUGE compliment!

  • Darren Mike

    You should have titled this post “My Macgyver Moment.”
    If only you had some duct tape or chewing gum to go with your M-16 firing pin!

    • David Mike

      Sometimes I call myself Mikegyver!

  • David, this is one crazy story my friend. I echo Judith’s sentiment. This is a gripping tale and could be even more so as you work on your craft as a writer. Keep up the awesome work.

    • David Mike

      Mark, good to see you again! After I get done with the majority of the story on the blog, I will be compiling the story in a book form and will have it professionally edited. Currently my wife catches my mistakes. Thanks for your continued support!

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