April 2014 archive

Apr 29

Turn Myself In

Turn Myself In

Turn Myself In Thundercloud told me that when I got back the next morning he would meet me at Jane’s house. It would be better for me if I were to turn myself in to him.   It was about a four and a half hour trip back to Ft. Polk and so I decided …

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Apr 22

AWOL Again


  AWOL Again The drive to Dallas was going to take about four and a half hours; giving me plenty of time to think things over. Thoughts were battling each other in my mind, but self-preservation dominated.   What was I doing? Had I seriously just run away again? I was so screwed! My life …

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Apr 15

Flight Risk


Having been AWOL for 6 months, I was considered a flight risk which meant likely to run. The Criminal Investigation Division Drug Suppression Team wanted me to work with them, but I was locked in a cell. If I were going to do things for them, I had to be released from the Installation Detention …

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Apr 08

Back In Army Custody

Army Custody

The next day, I was removed from the cell in Alexandria. A Military Police (MP) escort had been sent to pick me up and take me back to Fort Polk. I was back in Army custody.   I remember saying “Man, am I glad to see you guys!” Not too sure that the feeling was …

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Apr 01

Locked Up


  Locked Up After putting me in the car, the security guards went back in to see if they could locate any of the drugs. The informant and an undercover CID agent said, that I had been selling that night and I had been wearing a leather jacket when I walked in. As I dropped …

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