Mar 18





I was standing in a bathroom staring at myself in the mirror as I began to come out of a fog from the night before. I did not know where I was or how I got there.

I did not know whose clothes I had on and why they were not men’s clothes.

One side of my face hurt and it looked like someone had dragged it across cement.

The bathroom looked as if someone had had a fight in there.

Turning around, I walked through the door. Because it was early morning, there were people lying around all over the place sleeping. I searched around trying to find someone that I recognized.

I finally stumbled upon Sean and his girlfriend Josie. I woke them up and started asking questions trying to sort out what happened.

From what they told me and what I can piece together, it started out at Club Late Nite in Alexandria.

I usually started consuming after being at the club for a while but on this night before I got there, I smoked a joint with someone.

Once inside I was selling “X” & LSD as usual but taking some earlier than normal.

I had to take more drugs than when I first started months earlier, because the effects wore off faster. Or it could have been paranoia and so I could feel myself coming down all the time.

Later in the evening someone gave me half a bottle of rum. I chugged it. I don’t really think it did anything or if it did, I couldn’t tell because at this point I was up to 17 pills of ecstasy. Any LSD I took got lost in the shuffle.

The rest of what happened came from Sean and Josie because I have no personal recollection of the rest of the night.

I had gone missing for a while and so Sean checked the club restroom.

He found me there trying to pee into one of those long trough-like urinals.

I was so messed up that I should not have been standing. I started to bounce between two large, bearded, red-neck, biker guys trying to relieve themselves next to me.

The two guys started to become verbal and so Sean grabbed me and calmed them down.

He and Josie decided to get me out of there because either I was going to get into trouble, get beat down by someone, or take all the drugs I brought to sell.

I was in no condition to make it back to Jane’s in Leesville, and everyone knew that I specifically said never to take me to a hospital even if I overdosed.

So they asked Chris Holmes, a fellow soldier, if they could take me to his sister’s house there in Alexandria. He asked her, she said it was cool and so we all left.

When they pulled into the driveway and opened the passenger door, I fell straight out of the truck and face-planted on the cement. That explained my face.

They took me inside and not long after that, I started to get sick and vomited all over myself. I’m not sure why they took the time but, Sean and Josie took me into the bathroom to clean me off.

They stripped me down and as they started to put me in the shower, I began to resist.

Grabbing on to everything and anything to keep from going in, I tore a towel rack off the wall.

Eventually submitting, they were able to clean me off in the shower and throw my clothes in the wash.

Borrowing some of Chris’ sisters clothes to cover me up, they dressed me. I do not know how I survived that night…

Meanwhile, my parents still stationed in Germany, never really knew where I was exactly.

Using stolen phone cards, I would periodically call them to let them know I was alive. I even sent a letter from Houston one time but, generally I would be vague as to my whereabouts.

My mother said, “Sometimes I would be woken up during the night with hearing a scream of MOM! Shaken, I would pray for him. That God would protect him, keep him safe, and that he would turn himself in.”



  • Charles Johnston

    Thanks for continuing to share what you can remember, for those of us that read it, it makes us thankful for those nights we never should have survived and prayerful for those we know they didn’t or won’t.

    • David Mike

      Thank you Charles. I appreciate you keeping up with my story. I’m only here by the grace of God.

  • dsimorte

    Well done, David, and an important story to share.

    • David Mike

      Thank you for your encouragement.

  • Tonia Hurst

    Wow, Mike. How did you get it turned around? Look forward to that story.

    • David Mike

      God had a plan for me. However, it took prison to get my attention. The story continues.

  • sarah hinrichs

    I can’t believe you were even alive after taking 17 pills! I love that you’re mom is in the story too! Thank God you made it thru that! Can’t wait for next week 🙂

    • David Mike

      Thanks for your continued support. I’m glad you figured out your password!

  • Michelle Girard

    scary stuff David.

    • David Mike

      I just hope that this will help others that have ended up here to realize that there is hope and maybe for others this can be a deterrent.

  • Holly Moats

    Goodness, 17 pills?!! The only illegal drug I’ve tried is X, which was twice in my early 20s. I loved the feeling, so I decided to never take them, or try another drug, again.

    • David Mike

      The feeling was so addictive but I never could get enough. Prison was the only way I could have stopped. The alternative was death.

  • Your poor mom! I can’t imagine what she was going through!

    • David Mike

      It’s crazy to think you can get to a point where the only thing you want, is to escape.

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