Mar 04

Living On Impulse And Stupid Decisions



Living On Impulse And Stupid Decisions

Drugs clouded my thinking and I lived on impulse and mindless actions. Making stupid decisions and putting myself at risk daily, I did not care about anyone, not even myself.

New Tire

My car had a bubble in the sidewall of the tire that I knew was going to burst. Just as I suspected the tire blew out and I had to put one of those skinny spare tires on to go anywhere.

A couple of friends were visiting from Leesville and were staying at the Houston Holiday Inn. I told them I would pick them up there before we hung out.

While waiting in the parking garage, another Ford Escort pulled into a stall and two men went inside to check in.

As my friends came out of the hotel, I grabbed the tire jack and tire iron out of my car and went to work on the lug nuts and lifting the car with the jack.

After removing the tire I shoved my blown tire and rim under the other car and quickly lowered the jack. As I threw my tools into the car, I noticed the two men coming out of the hotel entrance.

We all quickly jumped in and as I sped out of the garage we did not look back.

Another Tire

Knowing that you usually don’t just replace one tire I figured I needed another one. A friend lived in the apartment complex across the street. She had given me the access code to get in so I didn’t have to call her.

We waited until it was really late and punched in the code to enter the complex. We located another identical vehicle and went straight to work on the tire. We removed it, threw it into my trunk and split before anyone knew we were ever there.

Break and Enter

A girl, two other random people I picked up from the club and I, decided it would be a good idea to break into a house. We left Numbers and drove to a house that the girl had targeted. I believed that the girl had experience doing this type of thing.

We parked across the street and walked up to the chain link fence. Opening the gate, we let the dog out of the yard into the street.

Grabbing the door handle, we pushed the door open.  It was unlocked!

The four of us, filed into the front room of the house. All of a sudden there was a noise and then the darkness was pierced by the blinding light of a flashlight in our faces.

“I called the cops!” was what the resident said as he continued to blind us with the beam.

Immediately we spilled back out the front door and scrambled to my car. As I turned the key, the sound of a siren and the flashing lights of a squad car became visible.

I sped off and the ensuing police vehicle tried to follow me.

I shot down back street after back street turning left and then right until either I confused the police or they just gave up. What was I thinking?

You Want A Ride?

While driving around Houston, I would often see people that looked like they needed a ride.

Leaving club Numbers one night I noticed a girl standing near the curb. I rolled down the window and asked her “You want a ride?”

She jumped in and said she was headed to the same after hours club that I was. As we were on our way, she started chucking stuff out of the window.

“What are you doing?” I asked. She said “I just stole this purse.” I told her to give it to me, and she did. I took her to the club and we parted ways.

When I got home I gave the purse to Dee. I noticed that the driver’s license was for a 21 year old and the picture looked identical to a set of twins back in Leesville. I saved it and gave it to one of the twins the next time I was there.

Three’s A Crowd

In the Galleria Mall parking garage, I noticed two girls sitting on the steps of the entrance. I asked them if they wanted a ride and they said sure, but they needed to get their friend.

After coming back out of the mall, they had a guy with them. He looked angry at the world and a bad feeling came over me.

As we were driving to the guy’s apartment, I was engaged in conversation with the girl in the front seat.

Abruptly, he lurched forward from the back and grabbed the girl around the neck, started choking her and shouted, “I saw you looking at him (me)!”

I reached down and grabbed the tire iron, that I kept near me for just-in-case, and told him to “Chill out and sit back down.” He calmed down until we got near his apartment.

Upon arrival I noticed there were cops everywhere! He ducked down and shouted “Keep going, keep going, they are after me!” I drove down the street a bit, unloaded my passengers and never picked up anyone again…

  • Judith Heaney-mcKee

    Wow, David, you were sort of a jerk when you were under the influence of drugs. That probably sounds harsh, and I don’t mean it to be mean. I am just floored by the negative influence this was having on you and the choices you made. And, again, I am amazed that terrible things did not happen to you in these moments, like serious, bodily harm.

    What a cautionary tale you have the opportunity to share. And, of course, there is the encouraging end to the tale (or this part of the tale): who you’ve become and how you live now and how God used all of this for his glory.

    Weekly installments are too slow a pace for me as we hit some of these moments of impulse. I have a feeling your book will be one of those that people pick up and cannot put down.

    • David Mike

      I look back now and think, “who was that guy?” Really none of him exists anymore except for my memory. Thanks for being patient with me while I am trudging through my memories.

  • Oh my goodness…I cant wait for next week!

    • David Mike

      Me either! The closer I get to the end of the story, the closer I get to the redemption.

  • So many close calls where things could have gone so much worse.

    • David Mike

      Yes, I am lucky to be alive.

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