March 2014 archive

Mar 25

The Night I Was Captured


The Night I Was Captured It was about six months since I went AWOL. My life was considerably different than it was before I left. My sole source of income was selling drugs and I had to sell more than I was consuming. I had a few close friends but, everyone else was a customer. …

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Mar 18



Overdosed. I was standing in a bathroom staring at myself in the mirror as I began to come out of a fog from the night before. I did not know where I was or how I got there. I did not know whose clothes I had on and why they were not men’s clothes. One …

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Mar 11

Lost In A Downward Spiral


I was lost in a downward spiral. Keeping track of what type of drug I was on and how much I was consuming was becoming increasingly difficult. Depending on what I was purchasing or selling, would be what I would take. Cocktail If other dealers wanted to trade types of drugs for what I had, …

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Mar 04

Living On Impulse And Stupid Decisions


Living On Impulse And Stupid Decisions Drugs clouded my thinking and I lived on impulse and mindless actions. Making stupid decisions and putting myself at risk daily, I did not care about anyone, not even myself. New Tire My car had a bubble in the sidewall of the tire that I knew was going to …

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