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I Was Pulled Over And Had Warrants

I was pulled over and had warrants

Photo courtesy of Scott Davidson

I was pulled over and had warrants

Another typical evening had me headed to Club Numbers to sell some Ecstasy. It was about a 10 to 15 minute drive to the club from my apartment.

About half way there, I noticed some flashing lights in my rear-view mirror. I was being pulled over. Crap! What was I going to do with the drugs?


After pulling over, I quickly shoved the bag of pills down my pants. Not sure why that was such a good idea. One pat down would be all it took.

As the Officer approached my door, I rolled down my window. Some traffic violation occurred but that was not the problem.

I had warrants out for my arrest. Multiple traffic violations over a period of time for no insurance, speeding, etc., but mostly the multiple charges of failure-to-appear-in-court are what caused me to get arrested.

No escape this time. I was headed to the Houston city jail. He told me to get in back of his car, no cuffs though. Thank goodness because I had to figure out a way to dispose of the drugs in my pants.

Running my hand underneath the seat, I felt a space below the cushion. When the officer wasn’t looking, I quickly took out the bag and shoved it under the seat.

Once at the jail, he took me inside for processing. This involved, signing some papers, turning over my personal items and changing into an orange jumpsuit. The next day would be my court date.

Another detainee and I were placed in an elevator and sent up. As soon as the doors closed the other guy unzipped his pants and exposed himself to me.

Horrified, I made sure he knew there was no interest. Longest, short elevator ride ever. This incident made me nervous about what to expect once placed with the other inmates.

My hair was bleached.

My hair was bleached.

The top of my hair was bleached and the sides were shaved off. Not real intimidating. Hearing about how nobody messes with Skin Heads, I pushed all the blonde stuff over to expose the shaved part, hoping that would at least keep people wondering.

They walked me to a large cell, opened the door and then locked me inside. There were two metal picnic tables with benches, and numerous inmates lying all over it trying to find a place to sleep.

I’m not sure what they were all in for but it seemed like from appearances, traffic, drugs, and prostitution. On the wall I spied a payphone and so I headed over to wait in line to use it.

Once it was my turn, I made a call to a soldier friend Sean who was going to be coming up to Houston to hang out with me. I told him that I was stuck in jail and was wondering if he could get my car for me. “Done!” he said.

At this point being a fly on the wall and not draw attention to me was my goal. I fell asleep with one eye open.

The next day appearing before the judge got me a longer stay. One day for each $100 owed in fines. Two days was the sentence.

They immediately sent me to Texas Department of Corrections, Sugarland for the remainder. Each day jobs were handed out and I was selected to go back to the Houston Police Department to clean cop cars. Crazy, considering I left my drugs in one of those cruisers.

The two days I spent in there was pretty uneventful. To my surprise they never found out I was a deserter.

When my time was up, Sean was there to pick me up. We went back to my apartment where Dee had let him stay because he offered to help me out. To celebrate my release, we took a bunch of LSD.

I don’t remember how much but the next morning I woke up in Jane’s trailer in Leesville. My shoes were gone and my car was missing. I had driven the three hour drive between Texas and Louisiana and don’t remember any of it.

The next day, I found my car at an apartment complex about a half a mile away. I must have parked it and walked the rest of the way to the trailer barefoot.

  • mintlaka

    Oh my gosh! How did you LIVE?!?!? God really had/has some plans for you. I’m glad I know the ending of this story. I still hurt for the 80’s David, but I also want to go and tell him, “Just wait! It gets better!”

    Looking forward to the next installment.

    • David Mike

      I wish someone had told me!

  • David Mike

    I lived crazy and medicated. I am not sure how I made it of this mess alive. I am glad God had a plan for my life, because mine wasn’t working out so well. Thank you!

  • Judith Heaney-mcKee

    Remind me, how old were you during all of this? Reading these posts is a bit like reading Unbroken; I’m never quite sure if I can read the next section or not….

    • David Mike

      I was 19 when I went AWOL, and turned 20 a month before I was captured in Oct 1989. I was running for about 6 months.

  • I caught up! You know that feeling of catching up on a TV show? You are happy to be caught up but now you have to wait for the next part… that’s the feeling I have now. It’s awesome to know that God had a hand in this, way more than the 19/20 year old you realized. Can’t wait for more!

    • David Mike

      I’m glad you were able to catch up. I have only been able to post once a week with this story only every other, so it is kind of like a TV show. I will have a couple more posts on the life before the capture and confinement. I really appreciate your interest in my story. Thank you Brandon.

  • God is just…incredible. I love that He covered you in protection so you could tell your story for His glory.

    • David Mike

      I just wish I was paying attention to his voice then instead of now!

      • Boy do I know what you mean! If I knew then what I know now…I was hard on myself for awhile because of that, then I got over it. Because maybe…just maybe, your story will touch someone that it would NOT have had you been living your life in a different way. Everything is redeemable…thank God!

  • I have had some uncomfortable elevator rides, but that takes the cake!

    • David Mike

      Seriously! Not a good situation.

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