Feb 11

Close Calls

Close Calls Part One

Close Calls Part One

As you can imagine during this time I had some pretty close calls. Some close calls with drugs and some close calls with the law. I am not sure how I escaped some of the situations I got myself into.



Before Sal split, he and I met a couple guys at Club Numbers. These guys were cast members at a particular theme park in Orlando. They partied with us and said that they would put us up if we wanted to come down there.

We thought this would be a good idea, taking a shipment of ecstasy down with us. Heading out of Houston towards Orlando we made it to Beaumont TX which was about an hour and fifteen minutes into the trip. As expected on I10, we were following behind a semi, when out of nowhere I saw a huge black thing flying directly towards my face.

An entire tire tread had torn off the semi’s wheel and smashed directly into the driver’s side windshield. Luckily the safety film kept the glass from showering us in the car but we were a little rattled.

The semi driver saw what happened and pulled over as I tried to navigate to the side of the road with no vision.  Once safely off the road, the truck driver came over to the car to check on us. He said he was so sorry and that if there was any way not to call the cops, it would be better for him.

Obviously we thought the same thing.

We were both AWOL soldiers, with a stash of ecstasy and to top it off, I bought the car we were driving in a couple months before I left and then quit paying for it. We were driving a stolen car!

No cops please.

The driver said he drove this route daily and so if we stayed in Beaumont, he would bring a check from his company to pay for the windshield the next day. With nowhere else to go and nothing to do, we got a hotel room, called Jane and a couple of people to meet up with us.

At that point we took a bunch of the “X” and partied until the next morning. As scheduled and on time, the truck driver came through with a check. This paid for the windshield and gas to get back to Houston. This was a bad omen and so going to Orlando was nixed. Besides, we took too much of the “X” to sell it and still make a profit.

Midnight Run

Leaving Houston during the day to go back to Louisiana was a nightmare. The traffic was hideous. Sometimes it would take about 45 minutes to get from one interstate exit to the next.

This was the reason I would leave late at night to take the three hour trip to Leesville.

On one evening, myself and two friends from Louisiana left at midnight. Once again, I was taking a shipment with me only this time it was twelve sheets of LSD. There were about one hundred hits per sheet so 1200 hits of acid. If all of it sold, I would have taken in about $12000.

Right outside the city limits I was pulled over by a Houston cop probably for speeding. He told us to all get out of the car and started to ask a bunch of questions. I’m sure we looked suspicious to him and he had every reason to think that. We were nervous but, I was seriously freaking out.

I didn’t have my driver’s license with me; it was taken from me in Louisiana during another traffic incident. It was to be returned to me after paying a fine from an unpaid ticket I got there. Obviously the stolen car we were in had no insurance on it.

“This was it, I’m going down” was the thought going on in my head. “He’s going to search the car!” I remember praying the “God get me out of this” prayer.

The cop wrote me a ticket and left.


  • thatothermatt

    I remember how nervous I was when I was frisked and had my car searched…and I hadn’t even done anything wrong! I can’t imagine the thoughts running through YOUR head! Good stuff, Mike! Keep it up!

    • David Mike

      I thought for sure I was going to be found out for what I had and who I was. I think God decided I hadn’t hit rock bottom yet.

  • Wow! I just knew you were caught this time!

    • David Mike

      I think that God knew I needed more time to get worse, before I could get better.

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