Jan 01

I Needed A Place To Stay



Now that I had my car back, I needed a place to stay.  Sid and Dee decided to let me crash at their place for awhile.  At some point, the urge to call my parents came over me.  I did not want my dad to get into trouble for knowing where I was.  Since he was in the Air Force he would have to inform the authorities in order not to be charged with aiding a military fugitive.  My location stayed a secret.  The conversation went something like, “Mom and dad, I got into trouble for drugs.”  My mom cried and repeated “drugs”.  They had been informed that I was missing but not sure if they were told why.  My dad said “You need to turn yourself in.”  My response was “I can’t” and “I will try to call again.” They said that they were praying for me but, I wasn’t really listening, I just wanted to let them know I was fine.


Sid introduced me to other types of drugs.  My only experience up to this point was ecstasy.  Sid had a lot of connections and always had something coming in or going out.  Once he had a huge brick of Marijuana delivered from Mexico that he had to “clean” (remove stems and seeds).  After cleaning it he segregated it into various sized distributions amounts and placed in bags.  A large portion of this went into a coffee can surrounded by coffee grounds, taken to the post office and mailed to someone.  Some of it went to Dee, and the rest Sid kept for himself.


He rolled some up, lit it, and gave it to me.  The smoke burned my throat and nose, and had kind of a burnt rubber smell.  I coughed for a bit and tried it again.  At first my head started to pulsate with a dull heartbeat sensation and the room started to spin.  The pulsing grew to the point where my head began to feel swollen from the inside out.  I could feel my intellect diminish by the second.  Everything seemed extremely silly and I felt very comfortably stupid.  I don’t know how long this lasted because at some point, I took “X” again and I could not tell whether I was coming down from one thing or going up on another.


In another situation Sid had a shipment of cocaine.  He used a triple beam scale, which he was super proud of for some reason, to measure out ounce bags, half ounce and 8 balls (eighth oz.).  As always, some of it he kept for himself.  He gave me some to try with a straw to snort the white powder up my nose.  It burned my nostril pretty bad, like pepper would if you breathed it in.  Then I felt nothing, numbness.  My heart started to race and it felt like it was going to burst out of my chest.  I could not get enough oxygen, and it felt like I was ready to run a marathon.  This drug did not last as long as anything else.  As soon as it started to wear off, a sense of panic and anger started to overtake me.  I needed another hit. Danger is the only description I can come up with to describe this drug, scary danger!


One evening out at a club, someone gave me some LSD.  I chewed on and swallowed a very small square of paper that had some design on it.  About a half hour later, my vision and hearing became distorted.  The people in the club began to stretch out vertically, very tall and spindly. The music became unrecognizable and loud.  I did not recognize anyone or anything, nor could I tell if I was in a room or another dimension.  It was dark and very colorful with a pink and greenish hue.  There were no faces just figures swirling and pulsating to a base beat which was all I could hear at this point.  About two or three hours later I kind of snapped out of it abruptly, as I was being led out to the parking lot by my friends.  I don’t remember actually leaving the club.


In Sid’s fridge was a quarter oz. of crystal meth.  He said he couldn’t sell it because, it had melted together.  Since I wasn’t sure how to take it, I swallowed it.  Right after that, I smoked some marijuana and the only thing I remember is feeling my stomach having some kind of convulsions as my body also shook independently from each other. It was very intense and so out of control.  I blacked out and lost consciousness.  Can’t remember how long I was out…

  • Wow! Leaving us hanging! Thanks for sharing.

    • David Mike

      It’s my way of getting you to come back, and keeping it around 500 – 600 words. Thanks for reading.

  • This story is getting more and more interesting!!!!!

    • David Mike

      Thanks for your input and support Jim. You have been a great help to me.

  • April Best

    that was intense!

    • David Mike

      Yes, everyone that knows me now says they can’t believe that this is actually true. I’m so glad to be such a different person.

  • Wow! In seeing the things you post now, your uplifting statuses, or pics of your family, I’d never guess this was part of your past. I’m so glad you got out of it! This post is a great reminder for how easy it is to just spiral down, not just with drugs but with sin in general.

    • David Mike

      It is hard for myself to believe that I did this myself. I’m just glad I made it out alive! There were a few times that I should not have but God had plan for my life even though I was pretty good at messing it up. Thanks for your support.

  • Eyeopening, David. It’s easy to see how it can be a slippery slope. On the edge of my seat to see where the story goes.

    • David Mike

      Crazy how quickly we let the line blur between right and wrong, or how we can dismiss right, all together. Thanks for reading!

  • Super Scary stuff!!

    • David Mike

      Thank God, I survived. Things could have gone so much worse for me.

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