January 2014 archive

Jan 28

Hiding Out In The Open

I began hiding out in the open. On the night that Jane was arrested, she only had to stay in jail overnight.  She was released on bail and was awaiting her trial.  So when I got back to Louisiana, she thought I should just stay with her instead of staying in a hotel. Her trailer …

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Jan 21

I Decided To Grow Out My Hair

I decided to grow out my hair

I Decided To Grow My Hair Out On the day after my beautiful wife and I exchanged our vows, I decided to grow out my hair.  So I didn’t get a haircut for 2 years. You can imagine the process.  At first the hair began to creep down to the top of my ears.  Then …

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Jan 14

Back To Louisiana

It had been awhile and so it was time to go back to Louisiana.  The US Army Criminal Investigation Division was still looking for me and so going directly back to Ft. Polk would ensure my capture.  Alexandria was my destination, where staying in a hotel and visiting with people over the weekend would be safe.  Some …

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Jan 07

Walk To School And Back Adventures


Walk to School and Back Adventures In 1979 my family lived in base housing at Shaw AFB South Carolina.  I was about 9 and my brother was about 8.  The school we went to was pretty close to where we lived.  So we walked to school and back each day together.  There are many fond …

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Jan 01

I Needed A Place To Stay


Now that I had my car back, I needed a place to stay.  Sid and Dee decided to let me crash at their place for awhile.  At some point, the urge to call my parents came over me.  I did not want my dad to get into trouble for knowing where I was.  Since he …

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