Dec 03

Busted Again!

Railroad Tracks

Railroad Tracks

I told Jane about getting busted and that I wasn’t snitching for the cops.  She knew I was cool and could trust me and so we took another trip to Houston. We combined our finances to bring back a big haul of “X”.  We were going to make a killing and have plenty for ourselves without even putting a dent in our profits.  In Houston, we met up with Sid (our regular dealer) who introduced us to Red (his dealer).  Scott did not have enough on hand to supply us with as much as we were going to buy this time.  We made the purchase and went back to Ft. Polk ready to sell.  Jane kept all of it in her room.

The next evening, we were all hanging out in the living room when I heard a loud bang as the door flew open.  “Hands up where I can see them and no one move or I will shoot!” yelled the first Sheriff that came through the entrance.  And then an assortment of uniformed and plain clothed cops, including Special Agent Thundercloud, came pouring in taking up positions in the room.  Pistols were aimed at everyone who was sitting and or standing very still.  A search brought forth the drugs from Jane’s room.  The Sheriffs arrested Jane and took her away.  Because Sal (Jane’s boyfriend and a soldier) was also in her room, Army CID took him away.

SA Thunderbolt took me outside and questioned me about why I had not informed him of this shipment.  Somehow, I convinced him that I had no idea that she even had anything.  He told me to go directly to my barracks on post and stay there, no stopping anywhere and that he would follow up with me later.  So I drove back.

Later that evening, I was told I had a phone call.  I picked up the barracks phone and on the other line was Sal!  “Dude, I escaped!  Come get me now!” he exclaimed.  Without thinking, I grabbed some clothes and personal stuff, and then headed out to get him. I found him and he jumped into my car.  He told me that his guard made him do a urinalysis.  Instead of watching Sal, the guard went into a different stall to pee.  Sal bolted out of there, and ran as far away as he could before calling me on a payphone.

As we were driving back to Jane’s to get his stuff, we were passed by a Sheriff.  I yelled to Sal to get out and run down a set of railroad tracks until he got to Jane’s.  As soon as the door shut I saw flashing lights in my rear view mirror.  I pulled over and sure enough, the cop recognized me from the bust earlier that day.  I told him that I forgot my shoes for physical training.  He said that I needed to get back to Post and stay put the rest of the night.  I assured him that is what I would do and then proceeded to Jane’s.

Sal was hiding in the woods behind Jane’s and when he saw me, he grabbed his stuff, ran to my car, jumped in and said;

Let’s go to Houston…..


  • Daniel Mike

    Oh my goodness! That’s intense.

    • David Mike


  • April Best

    that was like a brownie bite 🙂

    • dilemmamike

      More coming, there is a shift in the story at this point.

    • David Mike

      Yes, this is true! Story is switching a bit.

  • Oh man!! This is intense!

    • David Mike

      Who could make this stuff up, right?

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