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I knew that the Army’s Criminal Investigation Division (CID) was now aware of what I was doing.  I needed to get away from Ft. Polk when I was off duty.  I unofficially became a roommate with Jane and her other roommates off Post.  I went back to work every morning, then left immediately when the day was done.

I still was primarily only taking Ecstasy on the weekends but, the amount I needed increased dramatically and I was going with a lot less sleep than I needed to perform my duties as a soldier.  Sometimes I would be at work having been up for a couple days in a row.  I was driving a Humvee and an Armored Personnel Carrier with major sleep deprivation.   I was becoming a danger to myself and others.  Still, nothing took my mind off the weekend.

Armored Personnel Carrier

Armored Personnel Carrier

I became more involved with running the drugs and money between Jane and the “crowd” with my own group of regulars that were buying directly from me.  I was shotgunning to Houston more frequently to get more shipments and was handling some large quantities for Jane and myself.  Profits were getting larger and I started getting greedy.  It wasn’t the money as much as the thrill of watching it pile up, and the ability to control the “crowd”.  I was responsible for all of the fun these people were having.

One day, I picked up a friend, Vegas, on Post and drove off to get some pizza.  We ate and then drove back to Ft. Polk. As I drove through the gate, I was pulled over for “crossing the yellow line”.  The Military Police told me to get out and that they were going to search the car.  The whole time a bearded man in civilian clothes stood there quietly and monitored the situation.  I had no drugs on me or in the car.  This frustrated the bearded man, who introduced himself as Special Agent Thundercloud, CID.  He said he knew I had drugs and to hand them over.  I insisted that I had nothing and so I was directed to drop my pants and was searched on the side of the road at the front entrance to the Post.  Still nothing.

Another Special Agent came over from the car with a 35mm film canister.  I had thrown it out the window when we were pulled over.  I had “X” in there at one point and all that was left was a powdery residue. This was how I became charged with possession of an illegal substance.  Vegas and I were taken in for questioning.  They were not mean to me, actually very nice but told me that I was in very serious trouble.  I was told that if I helped them out, they would help me out.  I would be released back to my unit and that until I had my trial, I would report back to CID with any or all illegal activity that came my way.  This would ensure leniency from the Judge.

I said “Yes”.  we went back to the barracks and pretended nothing happened.  I was told not to tell anyone and to act normal.  The whole thing was surreal and I don’t think it even registered with me.  I had no intention on helping them and I needed to get ready because, I was going back to Houston to pick up another shipment…..

  • I saw the name Jane again this week and was reminded of Tweeter and the Monkey man by the Traveling Wilburys. The undercover cop had a sister named Jane, for reasons unexpected loved the Monkey man.

    • dilemmamike

      I have not heard this song, I will have to check it out. Thanks for your consistent support!

    • David Mike

      I have not heard this song, I will have to check it out. Thanks for your consistent support Mark.

  • Darren Mike

    This is really beginning to read like a novel! Was the bearded man’s name really special agent thundercloud?!!!

    • David Mike

      No, I have changed the names to protect the innocent and the guilty. The only real name will be mine.

  • aprilbest1981

    ohh, the informat that never was 🙂 this is getting good!!!

    • David Mike

      I actually ended up more than informing but that is a later post.

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