November 2013 archive

Nov 26

Trailer Life

Trailer Life At the age of 3.5, my dad was reassigned with the Air Force.  We moved from the country of England to a Red Neck area, of back woods Sumter, South Carolina. My parents did not have a lot of money and so they bought a trailer. You know, a house that could be pimped out …

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Nov 19

Daughter and Father


We have three daughters: 13, 11 & 3.  Everyone says “Just wait!” in regards to the Estrogen Armageddon that we are supposed to experience during their adolescence.  “Oh, you have all girls?” they say, “Boys are easier…”  Great, thanks!  So far with our girls we have had relatively no problems.  Our daughters are awesome!  We …

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Nov 05


I knew that the Army’s Criminal Investigation Division (CID) was now aware of what I was doing.  I needed to get away from Ft. Polk when I was off duty.  I unofficially became a roommate with Jane and her other roommates off Post.  I went back to work every morning, then left immediately when the …

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