October 2013 archive

Oct 29

From Drugs to Selling

After my first experience with taking Ecstasy, I could not stop.  I am not sure what made it so addicting but, I could think about nothing else during the week.  Forget “Duty, Honor, Country” I just wanted to go back to Alexandria, hit the club and pop a “tab”.  The rest of the weekend was …

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Oct 23

From Army To Drugs

I went through US Army Basic Training at Ft. Knox, KY in late 1987. My advanced training was mixed in with the basic and so I was there for 14 weeks.  It was easy in some parts and hard in others.  The hardest part for me was the physical training.  I some how evaded Physical …

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Oct 08

Does Electric Shock Cure Bed Wetting?

Does Electric Shock Cure Bed Wetting? In my dream is a running stream that slips over and around smooth stones. As it travels along it grows to river size  and picks up speed and crashes in to larger sharper rocks. Large white caps appear as the water churns turbulently. At this point, it’s course can …

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Oct 02


Growing up I wanted to be a soldier.  It is the only thing I wanted to be, besides Indiana Jones.  In a toss up between Indiana Jones and Rambo, the latter won out in my mind as the job of choice.  I  had some ancestors fight for the Union in the Civil War.  One of …

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